Quillan and Limoux in Languedoc, France

Limoux Church in FranceCafe in LimouxAntugnac is a peaceful village 5 minutes from the towns of Couiza and Esperaza, 10 minutes from Quillan and 15 minutes from Limoux. Please click the links above for building land in Antugnac.

Both Quillan and Limoux have a great range of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and shops, with regular markets in each town, as well as a very large market in Esperaza each Sunday. Quillan and Limoux are on the route between Carcassonne and Perpignan.

Limoux (pictured left and right) is a market town with markets every Friday and Tuesday evenings over the summer holidays. There is a Dojo where adults and children can learn karate, tennis courts, a river with canoes available for hire and canoeing courses and a large play park.

In Quillan (pictured below) there is a swimming pool which is open over the summer holidays, a gym, theatre and cinema.

If you enjoy music, we highly recommend the Folklore Festival in Quillan over the summer - a week long festival with bands and dancers from around the world. In the winter in Limoux between January and April there is a winter festival known as the Fècos with dancing and singing in Occitan. France has a great cafe culture and in the Languedoc there are 300 days of sunshine a year, in which you can enjoy sitting outside a cafe, wandering in the beautiful foothills of the Pyrenees or many other activities.

Land around Quillan